Thursday, July 26, 2007

the awesome girlie getaway weekend is (almost) here!

What was it that I read on someone's blog this week? As I was blipping around and visiting the giveaways, I found a quote that went something like this..."if it weren't for the last minute, I would never get anything done." I realized that I've always done things that way. The night before a paper would be due, there I was, frantically trying to finish it. The night before company was scheduled to come, you'd see me staying up late, trying to get things ready. Any time I had a deadline, you could be sure there would be something I would not have done ahead of time.

Well, some things never change. I'm due to leave tomorrow morning on my awesome girlie acrapbooking getaway, and I'm. not. ready. Not at all. Now I could blame some of it on having so much going on at home, but the truth is, even if everyone were gone someplace, I still would have a stack of stuff to do tonight to get ready. Just maybe not so much of it.

It's really cool, though, because I've been reading my decluttering book, and there are other people like me! Part of sounds like it could be an ADD thing. Lots of the characteristics fit. We get bored with the routine tasks, or with the planned schedule that would keep things done on time. We need the challenge of the last minute to get us moving. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when it's crunch time and you HAVE to get something done! It's great motivation.

Of course, on the other hand, when too many things pile up and need a last minute fix, it gets overwhelming and any motivation suddenly evaporates like dew in the hot sun. Let's see...I think there's a nice blog calling my name today. Oh, maybe I just won't sleep tonight!


Rebecca said...

I hope you have fun scrapping this weekend! I haven't gotten into the digital scrapping yet because I don't have the software but am interested in hybrid, just need to get some transparency to print on, I really like the look of that. I may scrap via the phone with my sis & best friend today. I don't have any scrappy pals here yet so I do what I can. Nap time is my prime time. I feel the same way about my wedding album. I am so intimidated by it. But doing that one on Picaboo has helped me to get some of my thoughts in order. I like how it turned out too, thank you. I just really want a paper one, I like paper so much more. I'm a last minute procrastinator too - work well under pressure but sometimes it's too much!

sheryl said...

Just wanted to thank you for entering the drawing at my place. Your blog is cute!
Have fun at your girlie-getaway :)