Monday, July 9, 2007

book giveaway

Over at Overwhelmed With Joy, you can find a book giveaway going on. I'm really intrigued by this because I think it's a great way to share books that I love. I hate giving them up, but if I know that someone who really likes to read is going to have them (let's say it, not them - little steps, here. I'm thinking one at a time. *smile*), I can fathom giving one away. I'm attached to my junk and my books. I'll peel my fingers off one at a time.

So I'm tossing my name in the drawing for a new book to read. I'm trying to broaden my reading habits a little at a time. Instead of reading scrapbooking magazines and garden books exclusively, I'm seeking out new fiction, besides Karen Kingsbury's books. I can read one of her books in a day or two, as long as I have enough Kleenex. But unfortunately she doesn't publish them every day or two, so I'm forced to widen my horizons. I've read a few this summer, and there are several more that I tried to read but couldn't get past the first chapter! If I win this one, I'll do a book giveaway myself in a month, or even sooner, as soon as I read it. I may just have to dig a few goodies out of my bookshelf even if I don't win.

How about you? Have you read anything outstanding lately that you want to recommend?

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Overwhelmed! said...

Daisy, you TOTALLY get the concept behind my "Pay It Forward" Book exchange! Thanks. :)

I normally have a tough time giving up books too, but I know how thrilled I am when someone shares a book with me, so I thought I'd pay it forward. :)

Thanks for entering my Pay It Forward Book Exchange! I’ll throw your name in the hat for the “Lucky” book that I’m giving away.

Check back on Saturday morning when I’ll draw and announce the winner!