Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a day in the life of cats

Managing the animal life around our house can be pretty complicated. The kitten, Gazhaagens, gets put in the kennel at night and every time when X-man takes a nap because once she ran across his face when he was napping and left two big scratches on his cheek.

She has tons of energy. One of the kids said she did a Jackie Chan the other day...during the day we have the twin mattress resting upright against the wall so there's more floor space. Well Gazhaagens was racing around the room, and ran halfway up the mattress, then ran sideways on the mattress like she was running on the wall.

She'll race up to the other cats and pounce on them. She'll literally leap up and land on top of them, batting them about the head with her paws. Charliemama just hisses at her, but that's nothing new. She hisses at everything that moves and even some things that don't. BoomBoom is more mellow; he just ignores her until she gets bored and goes away.

Franklin always engages in a scuffle with her when she does that, and he always ends up getting the edge of her claws. He never learns. Tucker just pulls his paw back like he's going to whack her and if she doean't run, he hisses, then...thwhap!

When she runs up to Augie Doggie, he turns his head and gives her "The Stare". His lip curls up in a half snarl just enough to show his teeth. He's like a little grumpy old man: no patience, no sense of humor. She usually stares at him, does an about face, and runs off in the opposite direction.

They all probably do this invisible animal cheer when she gets kenneled for the night. BoomBoom will walk by the kennel just to tantalize her because he's out of her reach. But poor Gazhaagens now has another reason to be put in the kennel.

"Just say no, Tucker! Run, Franklin!" The girls were talking to our two cats.

Apparently Gazhaagens has gone into heat and has been me-row-ling around our two cats. They're both males, although they have been fixed. The girls happened upon them in the dining room and immediately went into panic mode. "Flee the sinful lusts!" they shouted. "Gazhaagens, quit your tempting ways and leave them alone!"

"Girls, they're cats. Not people. The kitten doesn't even know what you're talking about." I had to take the spray bottle away from them.

"But Mom. She keeps rubbing up against Franklin. How is he supposed to say no? We can't just let her run around being scandalous!" They were both shocked and horrified that I didn't DO something about it. "How can you encourage this behavior??" Only my girls!

Our kitties will be so bored when Dee and her entourage move into their apartment. Whatever will they do with their time then? Take long naps, perhaps?


Miss Paula said...

Do you have a "den of inikittie"?

You are too funny this morning!

daisyaday said...

Oh, Miss Paula, that's perfect! You are good!! LOL

Terra Hangen said...

Like yours, our kitty cats are quintessential entertainers.
Of course, they do a lot of napping and purring in between.
I enjoyed the story of your scandalous cats.