Friday, July 20, 2007

favorite phone call of the day

After several weeks of answering the incoming phones at my job, I've heard lots of funny things. All of our outgoing calls have the same number that shows up on people's caller id displays and we have dozens of employees. So the most common call I get goes something like this.

"Yeah, someone just called me from this number? Whaddju want?"

"Did the person leave a message?"

"No, but they just called just now. Are they still by the phone?"

I explain that I have no idea who called them and they usually hang up. Once in a while someone will keep going with it, thinking surely I must really know and just not want to tell them. I had one guy who called back several times. "Someone there keeps calling me and I want you to make them stop." Okay. Sure.

I got a great call today.

"Is Robin there?"

"Um, is there a last name?"

"I don't know."

"Do you know what area they work in?"

Dead silence..."Uh, no I don't."

"Well, there are about five or six Robins who work here."

"Oh. Maybe it was Ron. Do you have a Ron?"

I just want to bang my head on the desk sometimes.

I think this one will go down as one of my favorites, though.

"New Country Community Center (name changed to protect the foolish and the innocent). How can I help you?"

"Yes. I have a very simple question for you. I took a cooking class there a few years ago. What kind of a class was it?"

"Uh, ma'am? We don't offer cooking classes here. Perhaps you're looking for the Country Community School (name change ditto) nearby."

"No, no I'm not. I know you offer it because I took it there myself. Not that long ago. It's a very simple kind of cooking. It starts with a C. I just can't think of the word."

"Well," (patiently, but with huge eyeroll) "let me look at the catalog and see if anything is there. No, no I don't see anything. Let me look at the Cooking School website for you."

"I don't need that. I just need to know the kind of class it was. Maybe you could look on the internet for cooking and see if another word comes up that starts with a C."

I'm thinking, "Are you kidding me??!" but I asked, "Might the word be . . . culinary?"

Delighted, "That's it! That's it! Thank you." Click.

Me, staring blankly at the phone receiver. "You're. Welcome."


HeyJules said...

Oh boy do I know how you feel. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

sheryl said...

Oh that is too funny! How do you keep your sanity and your patience??

d.t.x. said...

That is funny. I get phone calls like that all the time. Yea, somebody just called me from this number.

Do you know someone that works here?

What is this?

American Iron?

What? No I don't.

Well, I don't know who would have called you, we have over 100 employees.

Oh. Click.


Who calls back places they don't know to ask did someone call them from this number without even knowing who it was?

Rebecca said...

Ha! I used to answer phones at an old job I had and wow, the calls you can get. It's been too long for me to remember - thank God! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Sarah G. said...

I used to answer phones at my old job and HATED those calls.

Them: Someone just tried calling me from this number

Me: This is an insurance company, were you expecting a call from anyone?

Them: Well I don't know who it was that called.

Me: Did they leave you a message, because maybe they just got the wrong number.

So annoying!! I totally feel your pain!!

Maggie said...

That was SO funny!