Sunday, July 29, 2007

having a scrappin' good time

It's amazing how therapeutic it can be to get creative energy going. I've been working on (shh, it's a surprise) an album for someone else. I better not give any details yet, but I hope they like it. I have to get more pictures for it, because I didn't have a clue that I was going to make this when I left. I got the idea after I got here, so it's a little hard to plan ahead for that. Not that I really planned any one specific thing before I left! That would require me to be organized, and these days, I'm not that!

I wanted to complete something instead of just having a few pages done haphazardly for whatever. It still isn't done because I need the pictures, but I know what I want to put in there, so in my mind it's as good as done. I wonder if I'll laugh at myself when I read back on this later...I'm already assuming that it won't get done.

I took some pictures of how much "stuff" I have when it's all spread out. No wonder I have a hard time keeping it out of the way at home. Maybe I should just keep it boxed up except when I'm going someplace where I can spread out. It kind of takes over the house. A new black hole, except it's contained in multiple boxes. For now.

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Miss Paula said...

You can check out for some cute graphics for digital scrapbooking!

Or if you are in need of any kind of graphic ask me I might have it!