Wednesday, July 11, 2007

he needs some help with public relations

Oh, my!

Some people's chutzpah never ceases to amaze me. We stopped at JJ's Fish in Brooklyn Park the other day. Excellent fish, by the way! I highly recommend it, particularly if you don't like the thickly-breaded, nearly unrecognizable fish you get at BK or McD's. They do chicken wings, too, but the fish is tops. They are newly open. Their other stores are in Chicago, and this is the first second one up in MN that I know of.

Okay, I'm hopping down off the JJ's Fish soapbox, now, before I forget what I started to say in the first place. Apparently there is a new fitness place starting up, and the office is just a couple of doors down from JJ's. There were people outside on the sidewalk trying to recruit people as they were walking by. The place isn't even open yet, but they're already trying to get people's money! This one guy was very persistent. My honey just told the guy we weren't interested, but he had to tell him twice.

John was sitting out in the van waiting for us, and he said the same guy tried talking this girl into coming in to sign up. When she didn't, and she started walking away, John said the guy slapped his own backside and shouted after her, "You really need some work — on that butt!" He really needs some work, too, like maybe a few sessions with Miss Manners. Although if he would have said that to me, my honey and Johnny would have given him some lessons for free, I'm sure!

Where did they learn their marketing techniques, I wonder?


d.t.x. said...

Mom, they have a JJ's in St. Paul, remember, I went there and called and told you Phyl would like it?

daisyaday said...

Oh, I knew it! See? This is a perfect example! It's just like learning it all over again! So delightful to know there's one in St. Paul, too.

Still laughing....