Monday, July 16, 2007

the house is inhaling again

You know how, if you breathe properly, your middle expands when you breathe in and it sucks in when you breathe out? Well, I think our little house is the same way. Kids move out, and the house exhales. So what happens when the house inhales? Someone comes back in, of course!

We've temporarily added to our household, and to our menagerie! My daughter's apartment wasn't ready when she and her husband and their baby went to move in this weekend! What do you do when a plan falls through? You call on your family, and people pitch in. So we are two (sometimes three) people richer at our house for a few weeks.

And, let's not forget the cats. She has three cats who came along with her. As delighted as we are, our animals are not impressed in the least! Franklin and Tuckie keep stalking the cats. Every time they catch sight of any one of them, they go into hunting position. They flatten their ears, they freeze into position, and start slinking towards whichever one they see, hissing every time one of them moves. They are so territorial. Just like men, my honey informed me.

When Gaazhagens (her kitten) saw our cats, her little tail puffed all up till it was bigger around than the whole rest of her body. She tried dancing her little scrawny body with this big fat cigar of a tail into the room where Frankie and Tucker were, and when one of them flinched, she turned tail, ran back in the other room, and dashed under the couch! I was surprised that her tail fit under there. I expected her to come to a screeching halt with her body under the couch and her tail sticking out like a little bottle brush.

The bigger cat, BoomBoom, is bigger than either one of our cats, but you would never know it by the way he acts. He got scared when our cats were hissing at him, and he tried to squeeze himself behind the two boxes under the printer. He got his head back there, but his big ol' butt and huge fluffy tail were still sticking out in plain sight. Just like a scaredy-ostrich! Poor BoomBoom.

Charli, the third cat, just hisses at everything that moves and everything else that she thinks might be going to move. She's just plain mad at the world, and especially at Diane. She walks around carefully, all stiff-legged and defensive, and never lets her guard down. All three cats have decided that their favorite hiding place is under the couch where our cats never go. I have no idea at all how BoomBoom manages to squeeze himself under the couch, because when you peek at him under there, he looks like a five-pound blanket smushed into a one-pound box.

Augie Doggie got caught in between the cats when they were having a hissing contest, and he just sank to the ground and froze. His eyes got all droopy and glassy, and I'm sure he thought he was done for.

Well, I have a reputation for being the peacemaker, so I foresee that they will learn how to get along, or they will all be sitting in their respective corners, each in a kennel, till they learn how to get along.

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Miss Paula said...

I can imagine all you described about the cats and then the dog!! Too funny!!

You think your family grows when they get married and have kids, but then there are the pets!! Ah, the pets...