Thursday, July 5, 2007

I got to see a "first" yesterday!

One of the grandbabies, little X-man, was at our house with his momma D-girl yesterday, and he took four steps across the dining room! He'll be a year old this month. He's definitely a little ways behind his grandaddy, who walked at seven months, but right on pace for where he should be.

I love this age. Little X's great-gramma used to say that kids at that age were all legs and no brains, meaning that their legs could carry them into some sticky situations, but they didn't know how to get themselves out of them yet.

Little man can walk, though, and he doesn't even know it yet! If he thinks about it too long, he just gets scared and sits himself down on the floor. If he doesn't think about it, and he just takes off, he'll be going lickety-split in no time! Then he'll be keeping them on their toes chasing him down and keeping tabs on him.

Watching grandbabies is such great fun. P-girl's little guy is SO much like her! It just tickles me to see his mannerisms--the way he talks, fusses, and even the way he runs are almost identical to the way she was. It's like deja vu! Re-runs of the P-girl show are currently her house every day! It's going to be entertaining to watch them as they grow older--what will they get into??

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