Monday, July 9, 2007

life comes at you fast!

Have you seen that commercial that shows this guy trying to figure out what his light switch does? I laugh every time I see it, because as he is flipping the switch up and down, trying to get his wife to see if there are any lights turning on and off, this elderly lady is sitting in her car, halfway out of her garage, staring bug-eyed at the garage door that is bouncing up and down off the hood of her car. The commercial says, "Life comes at you fast!" I can't remember what the commercial is for, but I think we could be candidates for starring in the sequel.

Life seems to come fast at our house all the time. Take Sunday, for example. I guess when it comes to reading weather warnings, it pays to read all of it instead of butterflying it. When you butterfly something you're reading, your eyes flit around, resting here and there for a moment until you find the information you want, and then you move on to something else, satisfied that you know what you need to know.

I butterflied (I wonder if Webster's will pick this up) around through the weather warning in my email for Sunday till I found the location and the time it expired. Didn't bother to read any further. It said that the severe thunderstorm warning for our area ended at 1:30 pm. Allrighty then. I gave my honey the all clear and he went out to grill after the rain quit shortly before two. He put the charcoal going in our handy-dandy charcoal chimney and came back in to wait till it was ready. Well, the rest of the warning, when I reread it later, said that conditions were ripe for it to storm until about five. So just when the charcoal was burning nicely, yes, you guessed it: it started pouring down rain again!

So I shouted out the back door at the big boys, who were shooting Roman candles at each other in the rain (don't ask), and told them to move the charcoal chimney into the garage. Thankfully, the bottom of the small garage door has fallen out so it provided great ventilation! Even more thankfully, the garage didn't start on fire, the boys didn't get carbon monoxide poisoning when they were taking shelter from the deluge, and it quit raining in time for my honey to grill some yummy brats before the charcoal completely burned up. We had some great purple German sauerkraut to go with the brats--best sauerkraut ever! The kids just looked at us like we were crazy for putting that purple junk on our 'dawgs.

All's well that ends well, I guess. Just another day in the life of our big (shrinking) happy (most of the time) family! (Truth in advertising, you know?)

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