Friday, July 20, 2007

Monk & Neagle

monk & neagle banner
Hooray! It's here! I listened to the whole thing, and the ones I have to keep listening to over and over again are The Twenty-First Time and Hallelujah Jesus! The Twenty-First Time gives me goosebumps when I hear it. It's so true.

I'm hooked on this CD. It speaks to my heart. Click on the CD image and you can listen to about five of their songs yourself. I give it five out of five stars! Thank you, Brian!***

I think this is a cool way of getting the word out about a new CD. They are doing a giveaway and asking people to post a link on their blog. I read about it on BooMama's blog. I seem to have heard a lot about this group lately. Are they really good or is that due to good marketing? I guess I'll find out.

I'm excited to hear their music. Stay tuned -- I'll let ya know what I think about them. Maybe you are already familiar with their music? Lemme know if you like them, yes or no.

(Do ya think they'd still give you a CD if you didn't have a blog? I wonder about things like that.)

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