Wednesday, July 18, 2007

no new cats, dogs or newts, and I'm for real!

I'm still reading Organizing for Life. I think certain members of my family may have been selling information to Sandra Felton for material for this book. Only the names may have been changed to protect them from the consequences of telling all.

Here's one scenario I can relate to: the bargain! She gives an example of a woman who bought a mantel clock because it was such a great deal, but it was completely pointless because the woman buying it didn't have a mantel to place it on. Hello, been there!

Even if I don't have a place to use something I find, I know I can find someone who will want it. I've realized, though, that if I buy a bargain with the intention of giving it to someone, it may take a long time to find the "someone" to give the bargain to. Finding someone who will truly appreciate the deal I got may take even longer, and besides which, I will be storing it for the duration. Eventually I think I just give up and add the bargain to my own collection. They all start to blend together into the same black hole after a while. WHICH IS PART OF MY PROBLEM!

Actually, the best bargain in the world is free, don'cha think? I have many, many free treasures taking up space in my world, let me tell ya. I'm learning, though. I close my eyes tightly when I pass things on the road with FREE signs on them instead of bouncing out of my seat and putting my honey into cardiac arrest. (If I'm driving, I only close one eye. Have to set a good example for the young drivers and pre-drivers in the car.) I purposely don't look at garage sales when I drive by, just to keep myself in check. Instead I think about all the junk I have that I could put IN a garage sale. Ouch. That usually cures me.

The worst thing I ever do to myself is when I can't resist a free pet. Especially a baby one. Every pet we have I got for free, except for the $57 hamsters. When people are giving away free baby pets, now I keep saying, "I can't. I just can't. (How old is it? Is it housetrained? *slap, slap!*) Oh, no, I just can't."

When I'm having a moment, even a baby newt looks cute. Slimy, but cute. But something like a puppy? Oh, my. I have to make myself think about all the things that test my patience about having pets. Like how much I hate having to get up just when I have fallen asleep to let the dog out of the bedroom so he can get a drink of water, for crying out loud! He could have had the courtesy to get his drink before he went to bed.

Or when he gets his drink but he is still barking at me an hour later. Rowrf, very quietly. Rowrf, a little louder. (long pause) Rowrf. Obviously the drink wasn't enough. He has to go outside. NOW. (Otis used to put both paws up on the end of the bed and shake it to wake me up for his late-night potty runs.) So then I have to stagger down the hall and my eyes are too tired to stay more than half open.

On the most unlucky days, I step on the hairball that the cat threw up, and it's always wet and ice-cold when it squishes up between my toes. Blgghhh! The shock can almost stop a person's heart. It's dark, and you're doing this dance trying to see what it is on the bottom of your foot, trying not to throw up yourself. Meanwhile, Augie Doggie is dancing impatiently at the door. Rowrf!

Or if he waits till I'm actually up before he asks to go out, what about when I have to walk him for twenty minutes instead of the usual five to get him to do his business? And then when I give up and head for the house because I'm going to be late for work, he lays down on the grass. He's not ready to go in yet. So I either have to drag him through the wet grass, which you know I'm not going to do, so my alternative is to pick him up and carry him, trying not to let his dew-drenched muddy little paws leave prints on my work clothes. It's a darn good thing he's as cute as he is!
cute dog picture
So anyway, this is what I focus on when I'm tempted to get any more hairy mess-makers. I just go over to other people's houses instead to get my cute baby animal fixes. When our animals go, I am not, I repeat NOT, going to allow any more of them sneak into the house. No. Not. Never. Don't laugh, kids. I mean it this time.

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Miss Paula said...

Sure!!!! You will find something to tug at your heart!!!

And about the hair ball in your toes, too graphic for me, LOL!!!