Monday, July 2, 2007

ooh, ooh, only 26 days left...

It's almost time to go scrapping again for a weekend! I'm practically breathless with anticipation. Can you say...responsibility-free? I'm so tired--I can't wait! And my twin gets to go, too! The only thing better than a creative weekend is being able to do it with someone who enjoys it as much as you do. It's so therapeutic to be able to do nothing but create, cut and paste. It's not really brain-free work, but you get to use the other side of your brain so it's just as good as a vacation.

Today went by in a blur, partly because it was freight-train busy (that's where you have to rush around so much you feel like you're on a freight train), and partly because I stayed up late last night and didn't get enough sleep. Like I told my honey last night, I don't know why it is, that at around ten o'clock at night, I get this second wind and I feel like I could accomplish almost anything. And sometimes I do, only I have to get up at five so the night shrinks down to next to nothing. It's so unfair!

But now, I'm ready to tip over off this chair, so I'm going to go to bed and dream sweet dreams of cropping, stamping, embellishments and paints, titles and diecuts, and papers with bling. My new copy of Digital Scrapbooking came in the mail, and I'll read that till I pass out. Which will only be about six minutes, tops!

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