Sunday, July 8, 2007

poor, poor Rodney

I think E-girl should resign herself to not having pets. She has the worst luck. First it was Otis (see previous posts). Then she and G-girl bought goldfish for pets. They expired within a few weeks. Something in the combination of the water changes and the feeding schedule just didn’t jive, and they didn’t make it. Well, recently we bought the cutest teddy bear hamsters for the girls. E-girl named hers Rodney, and G-girl thought about naming hers Hammy (I think she was humoring me because I liked that name), but she finally settled on Smoked Ham because he is light-colored with a darker gray around his nose and ears.

Last week, Rodney made the great escape. Somehow the cage door was not latched and he found his way out. That is the official press release, however there may be extenuating circumstances that were kept private for protection of the innocent. We don’t really know. Anyway, E-girl has been setting out food and water for him in hopes of his return. She tried to stay up all night last night to see if he came back for it, but thinks she fell asleep for a short time so she may have missed him.

Okay, here’s the rub. If he got out of the bedroom, I think he’s toast because we have the two cats who love nothing better than stalking small creatures who roam in the house. They will sit for hours and hours on end if they think there is a mouse or a shrew under the washer or dryer (which is where they usually hide if they get in the house). They have ultimate patience when it comes to hunting.

As a backup, we have the mighty Augie Doggie. If he sees a small critter running loose, he is lightning quick, and he would crunch it up in milliseconds. He’s just as good, if not better, than the cats when it comes to hunting critters in his territory. So if Sir Rodney got into our room where Augie sleeps, he wouldn’t have a prayer of surviving. Those are the lousy odds that poor Rodney is facing. I think I’d rather be a mosquito in bat country. I’m trying to keep a hopeful demeanor for E-girl’s sake, but I’m just afraid. Very afraid.

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