Sunday, July 15, 2007

a quiet morning

Well, morning's almost over. I've spent the day so far recovering from helping my daughter get ready to move. I'm used to sitting on my backside all day at work, not doing physical labor. Methinks I need to move some more during the day.

It was fun to spend the day in the presence of a little angel, though. Little X-man has nothing on his mind but racing around as fast as he can go on his hands and knees, stopping to see if anyone is watching, and breaking into a big, scrinched-up grin as he takes off again.

When he started to get tired, I picked him up, popped his Nuk in his mouth, and settled his head on my shoulder. His arms crept around my neck, and I rocked him gently back and forth. Oh, sheer heaven to feel the weight of him, leaning confidently into the love of his grammy. I remember my mom telling me when my kids were small--these are the golden years, she said. I didn't get it then. I was so tired from doing everything for them that I didn't always see the precious moments that were right there in front of me.

I think that is God's gift to grandparents everywhere. You get a second chance to soak in those blessed encounters with little angels. Mmmmmm...

Well, my quiet time is over, and the house is stirring. I've just finished my coffee, and after the last swallow was gone, I saw a drowned gnat punctuating the end of my morning, stuck to the inside of my cup. Tastyyy!

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