Monday, July 9, 2007

a receipt scanner?

Oh, my. I've just looked at these online recently. I'm getting hooked on these contests. I should be going to BED. But I can't resist the thought of winning one of these ingenious gadgets. My BFF Beth would love this, too! She's the real gadget girl. But just think about saving Rx receipts for my taxes, product receipts for warranty info, oil change receipts for maintenance agreement warranty, recipes(!)...oh, the possibilities are endless. How about handwritten journal pages??? Notes from my mother that I could scan in and add to my digital scrapbook pages? Yes!

Well, over at 5 Minutes for Mom, they are giving away TEN of them. So here is my entry for one of them.

Now, I'm really going to stop reading and stop blogging, JUST for tonight. Till tomorrow, parting is such sweet sorrow. (Yes, I'm overtired. Hee hee.) Stopping now...

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