Sunday, August 5, 2007

and breathe...

Exhale again. Who knew it could feel so sad to have D-girl and X-man go again, when I knew it was temporary from the beginning?

They moved into their place yesterday. It's a nice house, older, but nice. What a challenge. Every time one of the kids moves, it reinforces my belief that I will just stay put here forever. Or until they drag me, kicking and screaming, to the old folks home.

I am going to do some serious weeding and tossing this next week. I can already see myself, dragging all these packed boxes around from place to place. "Oh, but I know I'll use that someday!" I've been that way since I was a kid, never wanting to throw anything out. I think I have boxes in the garage that were put there when we moved in years ago, and I haven't used them yet. It's a pretty safe bet I'm not going to use the stuff here, and I'm not going to use it in any next place I live.

It's time to go on a junk-free diet.

Day 1. Take inventory and identify problem areas. Hmmm...everything? Okay, I guess I have to be more specific. I used to be a crazy list-making fanatic, and I've even let that go. Maybe if I start gently, with just a list of what I see and what I know can go out, it will be a start. No sense in going too overboard. I'll just get discouraged. :)

Decluttering Your Life says to take it in small bites. Or at least if it didn't say that, it's still good advice. I have to dig out the book from underneath the other fifteen books and various papers that have been stacked on top of it.

Hey! That's a library book! I better make sure it's not overdue. Well, I can do that online. While I'm online, I can check my email. I can go through the pictures I just took of baby X-man and the Four Musketeers (the grandbabies that I don't see as often). I can check my bloglines and browse the new postings. Find new blogs to read. Make a few comments. Be inspired and write a new post. Be reminded of things I need to do this week. Update my resume. Wow, do I get sidetracked fast! No wonder the clutter piles up so fast.

Okay, I'm really going to go make a list. Truly. If I can find paper.


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I need to go on a junk-free diet too! :)

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Miss Paula said...

You are getting far!!