Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a day to recover

I had the day off work today to bring E-girl to the dentist and to recover from Hurricane D-boy and Hurricane T-boy. Oh, I mean the grandsons. We had them for two days again, just for fun, and Grampa had the worst of it. I got to go to work, and he was home with them.

I got home the first day, and he says to me all serious-like, "I really need to go take a nap!" He looked pretty ragged. How in the world did we used to do this? Every day. All day, all night. And get other things done.

They get so excited about every little thing. The cat, the dog, the birds in the lilacs in front of the window. It's "Lookit, Gramma!! LOOKIT!"

But how can a gramma resist it when a sleepy-eyed little curly-haired boy comes straight over to her when he wakes up, and he snuggles up to her with his arms around her neck, "I love yew, Gramma. I just love yew!"

I swear they want to go potty everywhere we go, just to get out of the car. When they picked me up from work, it was like a refrain.

"I gotta go boo-boo. I really gotta go." So I bring him in, and he doesn't even attempt to go.

I ask him, "Aren't you going to go boo-boo? I thought you really had to go."

He shrugs his shoulders and turns his hands out innocently. "Well, I guess I could try." He did NOT have to boo-boo. He was so busted!

Overheard in the van on the way home:

Grampa: I'm gonna get you, T-boy.

T-boy: Well, go ahead then. Get me. I'm waitin' for you.

Grampa: Boy, are you runnin' your lips at me?

T-boy: No, you're runnin' your lips. And somebody's gonna beat you up.

Grampa: Are you gonna let someone beat your grampa up now?

T-boy: Well, you're runnin' your lips, aren't you?

Grampa: What?? You'd really let someone beat up your grampa?

T-boy: Well, you shouldn't be runnin' your lips then.

Grampa: (sadly) I can't believe you'd let someone beat up your grampa.

T-boy: (shaking his head) It was just a joke, Grampa. I was just playin'!

Those boys put the "No" in No Fear. Wild and crazy, but loving and sweet. Look out, girls! The heartbreakers are in training.


Norah said...

What beautiful boys! They do look like a handfuls! :-)

daisymarie said...

the 3yr old grandprincess has been with us since last saturday. strong willed barely comes close to describing her. we've all decided a couple days at a shot is a much better plan...yours are quite adorable!!!

Miss Paula said...

Look at the curls. Handsome hair!!

The girls are going to like the curls, so yes, you better watch out!