Wednesday, August 8, 2007

dentist nightmares

Today - the dentist! My most unfavorite health care provider ever. Sorry, all you tooth care professionals. Traumatic childhood experiences have engraved their memories on my brain pathways, never to be rerouted. Seriously. The dentist I had when I was little used to hit me with his towel when I cried and call me a baby. And I cried every time I sat in his chair even before he did anything. I used to have butterflies in my stomach for a MONTH before my checkups. I think it's a huge plus that I'm even going in for checkups now.

I did find a good dentist that I took the kids to for a while, but we got "fired " because we missed some appointments due to my forgetfulness. I know that's pretty lame...I don't know very many people who get "Dear John" letters from their dentist! But I guess you can't blame the guy. He just wants to make a living. I'm doing much better this time.

Well, I'm just not going to think about it. I'll go on autopilot and just show up. Lots of novocain. I hope they give extra shots of it. Oh, wait. It's a looksee, not major construction. I think I'll survive it. E-girl is going with me. I can be brave. Deep breaths. Yeah, I guess maybe I am kind of a baby.

Oh, boy. I've got a long ways to go, don't I?

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