Monday, August 6, 2007

emptiness is...

Emptiness seems to be such a constant topic for me lately.

I've been musing about it off and on to myself. I haven't had much of it in any arena of my life, but think of the possibilities...emptiness in my schedule allows me to have time to spend with my Papa. I love to sit outside on our (bargain!) chaise lounges next to the garden and just soak in His creation. I tell Him my thoughts, and let the beauty of His work feed my soul.

Emptiness leaves space for adding the things I really want to fill my house, my life, my thoughts, and my time. Emptiness can seem like such a negative thing, but just like everything else, it has a flip side. Emptiness is a gift!

I've been thinking about empty nests, as D-girl has moved out again, the younger boys are saving to move out on their own for the first time, and knowing that in just four short years, all of our kids will have graduated from high school. I used to think I would not be sad because I would have so many things to catch up on that I would not miss the hustle and bustle of all the kids. Wrong! Melancholy sets in every time it crosses my mind. I owe a huge "Sorry!" to everyone whom I secretly thought was just a bit "off" because of their empty nest woes.

Emptying out the living room when D-girl moved was therapeutic, in a way, though, because it inspired me to clean my junk out of the room. All except my scrapbooking stuff, which I have stored in two totes and a stack in the corner, waiting for my desk area to be finished. G-girl got up in the morning after I finished cleaning and thought she woke up in a different house. I rather like the emptiness. It's peaceful, roomy, almost expectant. At least compared to what it used to look like.

I'm shooting for getting that empty feeling in our room next. Looking at Kerflop's closet makeover really got me inspired. If you fight the clutter battle too, you'll love reading her post. I think I am an all-or-nothing cleaner, too! Perfectionist! If I can't spend enough time to do it all, all of it perfectly, I just give up.

I didn't dare take any "before" shots of the living room and dining room, but I really should have! It cleaned up pretty nicely. I'm going into the bedroom after I finish posting here to do some "before" shots, and I'll take "after" shots when I'm done. (No, really, camera shots. I don't drink. But if I did, it sure would be tempting with the way my room looks!) If I get brave, I'll post them.

I can't say how much I'll get done today...I stayed home from work with a horrendous headache that just wouldn't go away, and I can still feel it lurking on the fringes of my brain, waiting to pounce again.


janjanmom said...

Glad you came by my blog, obviously we were separated at birth. Good to meet you.

Rosemarie said...

"Without realizing it, we often try to fill an emptiness in our lives that only God can satisfy."

I picked up an inexpensive study guide Cultivating Contentment at Costco in the beginning of the summer by Women of Faith. I started it the end of July and completed chapter one. I'm in trouble!

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