Saturday, August 18, 2007

i have been to the mountain

Oh, wait. It was just Cabela's. We went there today so my honey could try on some new boots that he ordered for hunting. That is such a unique store. There is more macho under one roof there than you can even find at Home Depot on a Saturday morning.

However, a thought struck me, and I was dumbfounded. Can you believe how many men I saw in there shopping?? Shopping. With enthusiasm. And waiting patiently in line for customer service. Bunches of them. It was an amazing sight. And many of them had their sons with them for some important male bonding time. It was quite something.

I had to laugh, though. I was waiting in the super slow, almost dead-stop lane (aka customer service) to pick up the boots that had come in, and every so often I could hear the "wonk wonk, wak wak wak wak" of a duck call that someone was trying out. Without fail, at least half of the men in line would turn their heads in unison, looking in vain for the rushing of ducks coming overhead, perhaps? They just qwacked me up! (I'm so sorry. I had to do it.)

I needed to use the ladies room, and while I was sitting in my little cube there, I overheard a mom. "You kids are not listening to me. I am getting very crabby. Your dad has been here for TWO hours already. I can't take this anymore!!" Talk about role reversal.

But I'm a little spoiled, you know. Here's why. Not only did we go to the awesome Welcome Furniture store in Albertville today and buy this gramma a new rocker in which to rock her grandbabies, but when we went to Cabela's, the ultimate store for testerone toys, my sweet honey didn't end up buying the boots. Instead, he bought me a new, shiny pair of Crocs Endeavors! I got them in brown because they looked so cute. He even stood in line to buy them while I scooted out to the powder room to take care of business. Oh, my! Be still, my heart!


Miss Paula said...

I have pink crocs and a black and pink pairs of the cute ballet flats they sell!! Comfy!

daisymarie said...

Now that man is a keeper!