Sunday, August 12, 2007

musical magic

I ran across this YouTube video on Molly-Coddled and I agree with her. This is pure pleasure. I love this...a capella is one of my favorites!

Amazing Impromptu Beatbox on Subway (Paris)

Enjoy the magic as people allow the music to lift the shackles of anonymity, privacy, and self-consciousness that normally keep them each in their own world. Transient moments like this make me marvel and rejoice at the sense of community that can pop up spontaneously. Music is a gift. God created us with the capacity to create AND delight in it. He is a GENIUS!


Miss Paula said...

I wanted to join in. Did you notice at the beginning people didn't want to look and then they softened? All except the one man in the dark coat, no expression, no smile and never looked back after the one look. But, he heard! His heart heard! And for that a seed was planted. Rejoice!

Molly Coddled said...

I wish I had noticed earlier that you had written about this! I just love this video. And that guy that won't just let walls down and enjoy himself. Ugh, pray for him!!! :)