Thursday, August 16, 2007

nice makes Bloggityville a better place

It has taken me a while, but I'm ready to post my Nice Matters nominations!

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to seven others who you feel are deserving of this award.

I notice that not everyone picked as many as seven, but nonetheless, here goes:

In random order, I'll start with Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends. She has a sweet blog, and I love all of her glittery graphics and unashamedly cute characters. Miss Paula is quick to post an encouraging word and always has something fun to say. We have many parallels in our lives, and she makes me laugh.

Next I'll nominate Barb at A Chelsea Morning. She is so gracious, and in her world, nice rules. She has a beautiful spirit and a gentle faith that just warms me up every time I visit her.

Another choice is Dee-girl, X-man's mama. I will link to her blog if she lets me. :) She is spunky, passionate about her bebe, happy to be a mom, and generous to a fault. She has such a good heart. I could only wish to be so nice. I sound nice on the outside most of the time, but in my head, oh, the conversations that go on! I have to take those thoughts captive!!!

Next is Trish at An Ordinary Life Artist. Trish is an unselfish, gentle homeschooling mom, a military wife, and rarely does a complaining word fall from her fingertips onto her blog. She has her plate full, and yet she was kind enough to respond to me quickly when I asked about her scrapbooking "stuff". How nice is that?!

My next choice is Overwhelmed with Joy. I love visiting her blog, because I feel like I'm out in the country on vacation. Her photos are beautiful and welcoming, and her blog is interesting and helpful. She goes out of her way to post things that might be of interest to her readers, and generous? She regularly does a "Pay it Forward" book giveaway and encourages others to do the same. Why not share? How many times are you going to read the same book anyway? Thanks for encouraging a spirit of sharing in Bloggityville, there!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady is a super-nice scrapbooking genius of a gal. I just lurk there, and she doesn't know me, but I feel like I know her at least a little bit. She is very nice! Hello, Katie! If you click on her silly stuff link, you will laugh out loud as you read. (At least I did.)

Finally I nominate Maggie at Magnanimity. She has a wonderful gift for graphic design. Check out her link for blog design and blog headers. (Yes, she is the "Maggie" who designed my blog header! Do ya love it?! She had it done in no time, and it fit me to an eerie level! I don't know how to explain that.) She also has a heart for others that doesn't quit. She is the first one to say a kind word and to pray for those going through tough circumstances. Now she is sharing her home with a delightful dog named . . . Daisy!! Read all about her new doggy adventures.

Whew! That took longer than I thought. There were many bloggers to choose from, and in no way should this reflect negatively on anyone else whose blog I read or frequent. It's kind of like the fun giveaways we did back in July. I was wishing I had a gift to give everyone because I don't like anyone to be left out. Same goes here. Thank you to everyone who makes my piece of the Blog pie a little richer!


Mrs. D said...


Katie said...

Wow! Thanks so much! I think I would rather get a "nice award" than any other kind :)

I really appreciate your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed my silly sense of humor - lol!

Miss Paula said...

Words cannot express the thrill to be chosen for an award. Especially a Nice Award. I love to make people laugh, and you are correct in saying that we share some of the same trials in life. Thanks so much you made my day, Daisy A Day!

Miss Paula said...

I had to give you Honorable Mention on my Blog because I would have chosen you too!!

daisyaday said...

I love that! Could we be twins separated at birth perhaps?? LOL.

Oh, wait, it'd have to be triplets. I've just recently met my twin. You'd love her, too!

Thank you!

MAGGIE said...

Wow! Thank you! So honored! You are a joy. Blessings to you! You've done a great job developing your's awesome! I need to catch up.