Thursday, August 30, 2007

sleepless at daisy's place

Staying home because you couldn't sleep? I would have said it was a lame excuse, until it happened to me! True story (said in a cute small voice).

How can a person only get three hours of sleep one night, and not be able to fall asleep the next night? Sunday night, against everything that was saying, "Go to bed!", I was up till about 2:30, getting things ready for work and cleaning up my black hole. It's looking much better! I can see all of the drawers in my closet that used to be covered up by the ever-growing pile of miscellany on the floor. Very exciting.

Well, the satisfaction of whipping that black hole into shape wore pretty thin Monday night. I was ready for bed by 10:30 (since I knew I had to get a good amount of sleep that night), and I laid there. And laid there. And tossed. And turned. And griped. And fumed.

About 11:30, when my honey wandered in and wanted to finish watching Frasier before he went to bed, I was up to HERE with frustration. I stormed out to the other room to get two pillows to put on TOP of my ear. I flipped over one way. Back the other. I wiggled. I fumed some more. He finally gave up, shut the TV off, and left the room.

I have this thing, now, that I can fall asleep better if the TV is on, quietly. And it has to be on HGTV or the Food Network because I can depend on the fact that no one will be screaming or flashing scary things that would startle me. I set the timer, I fall asleep, the TV shuts off. No problem. If you disrupt that, though, look out, right? So now, in addition to PMS and not being able to fall asleep, I have to get up and reset the TV thing. Grrrrr! Boy am I a cranky broad, huh?

It was about 1 in the morning when my honey came back to bed, and I was sleeping. Finally! Yay! Except, he woke me moving one of the pillows that I had on his side of the bed. Then he settled in to sleep, and TURNED THE TV OFF AGAIN! Now I was flipping and flopping in double time, kicking my covers off, and throwing them back on again, trying to get situated and comfortable. I finally got up and turned the TV on again. It didn't help.

I got up and had a piece of raisin bread toast. Aren't carbs supposed to make you sleepy? I got on the computer. I went back to bed. It was 3:30 in the morning the last time I remember looking at the clock, and I had to be up at 5:30 again! There was no. way. I'm thinking, NOT going to stay awake all day. Going to get sick if I don't get my sleep. "How lame is this?" I thought. Calling in tired.

Then all day Tuesday, my honey kept telling the story about how I hit him in the back with my heavy memory foam pillow, kneed him in the butt, and kicked him in the leg about four times. He thought he had the rough night!

Needless to say, I got my little self to bed at 10 pm, along with a couple of those Tylenol PMs to make sure I stayed there. Yesterday was a MUCH better day. Sleep is a wonderful thing.


Miss Paula said...

I was going to tell you TYENOL PM, but then you figured that out already. I have taken it two nights in a row for not sleeping because of pain in back and legs.

I hope you are up and kicking today!

Maggie said...

Crazy! Girl! Get some exercise...that seems to help often!

Norah said...

I hate when that happens. Glad the Tylenol helped! Seems like the more productive I am (sometimes) the harder it is to fall asleep...brain goes overtime.? Quiet music = Ipod? might help?

daisyaday said...

I only had to take it the one night, and yes, Maggie, I think I am going to take the dog around the block from now on (it's about a mile). That should help--in more ways than one.

And Norah, I love your idea...iPod? Dear, are you listening (reading)? Yes??? Christmas is not too far off...LOL

She'sSewPretty said...

Been there. Done that. Tylenol PM just makes me even more restless.