Thursday, August 23, 2007

ten things I love about staying up late

1. The house is totally quiet. I can think!

2. I putter around and let my brain catch up with the rest of my body for the day.

3. I have time to email friends to catch up on what I forgot to say before.

4. Blogging! Need I say more??

5. I can drink straight out of the milk carton.

6. The animals are asleep so none of them are bugging me for anything.

7. I can do laundry without forgetting to take it out of the washer.

8. I'm not tired late at night. (I'm only tired in the morning--after I have a late night!)

9. It's a great time to fill out job applications and update my resume.

10. I can watch YouTube, laugh hysterically, and not have to explain the video.

And tomorrow is going to be one of those tired days, cuz it's late, late, late tonight. But I needed to wind down from a long hectic evening at work. So be it.

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Miss Paula said...

I used to stay up and have it quiet but my adult children stay up longer than I do. So, if I want quiet time I would have to get up early. About the laundry thing, once I would get on the computer I would forget it's in the washer and would have to wash all over again...