Tuesday, September 18, 2007

best fish joint in Minnesota

For all of you fish lovers up here in Minnesota, I want to suggest JJ Fish and Chicken. The closest store to me is the one in Brooklyn Park, but there is another one in St. Paul as well. It's better than any BK fishburger you EVER had! They have great wings, too, but I just crave the fish. The BBQ sauce is pleasantly tangy, and is even better for dunking French fries than ketchup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it today.

They have perch. They have catfish. They have cod, tilapia, halibut, shrimp, and of course, the traditional "fish and chips". Their fish fillets are not the flaked fish product you get so many other places--they are the real deal! And the breading is perfect. It's a cornmeal breading so you can actually taste the fish. De-lish!!

And if you're local, and you're looking, the Brooklyn Park store phone number is 763-425-0011. I couldn't find it in directory assistance. But you can call them, place an order, and stop in to pick it up. Faster than fast food!

They are near the corner of Brooklyn Blvd and Co Rd 81, two stores down from the Cub Foods there. Just watch out for the health club recruiters. Give 'em a wide berth.

I think I'll have some fish for lunch today! Fish de-lish! I wonder if they'll want that for a slogan. Hmmm...probably too cutesy for serious fish eaters.

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Miss Paula said...

Besides my dad being a Fisher of Men he was a fisherman!! He would go to Baja and catch perch and halibut and come home and fry it after doing the cornmeal thing! This is the only fish I ate. Boy I miss that!!