Friday, September 7, 2007

a fabulous Friday

The weather is quite lovely today...the temperature has been in the spectactacular 70's. Hooray! (It may be 80 by evening.) And when I went out to check up on my morning glories this morning, there were about twelve blossoms that were just beginning to unfurl their sleepy faces. Twelve!! And each stem had four or five more buds -- just think of all those flowers that will be blooming sometime next week! I can hardly stand to wait!

I think that the treasures we have that are limited seem more valuable to us. Why don't I get that excited about a simple dandelion, for example, or a marigold? Because there are so many of them, and they bloom profusely.

My pink and white lily, similar to a stargazer lily, had three buds on it, and only one of them actually made it to become a full fledged flower. You can bet I was enjoying that one. In fact, it's the one on the left in my sidebar. Yet the zinnias and dahlias I have are amazing and intricate, each in their own way. The colors are brilliant and intense.

I need to remember that each being and creation that was made by God has intrinsic value, regardless of their achievements, rarity or unique qualities. God put His genius and His finishing touch into each one. I need to remember to see them through His eyes. Finished, complete, and precious.

On that note, I'm headed into the weekend to spend it with my family. *no implied message intended!*

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