Monday, September 10, 2007

how lucky can a girl get?

I love mini-vacations. They're even better than big, long vacations because a.) they don't cost as much, b.) they don't take as long to get ready for, and c.) they don't take as long to recover from.

I was lucky enough to have one mini-vacation already this summer, when I went off on a scrapbooking weekend complete with hot tub and a little bit of shopping! Now in a few weeks, we're going up to the North Shore for another mini-vacation--a couple three days of JUST relaxation!

AND, we get to spend time with my honey's sister who we don't get to see nearly enough. I think I'll sneak some scrappin' stuff into my bag, to be taken out in the evening when we're watching a movie, or in the morning over coffee, or in the afternoon when he's napping...oh, heck. I might as well bring it all! What have I got to lose but a little time? I might get another album done. I'm so excited I could skip!

Remember skipping? You skipped when you got enough money from your mom to go to Baskin Robbins to get a double cone. You skipped when you were off to spend the day with your best friend and her new baby kittens. You skipped on a clear, cool summer morning when it was time for a hike into the mountains with a picnic lunch in your backpack.

And you skipped when you got to go swimming at the outdoor pool with your big brother and he didn't run away from you the entire time. He actually played Frisbee catch WITH you instead of Frisbee throw AT you! And when the candy machine at the pool stole your money, he banged on the coin return until the money started splattering out of it all over the ground, and he held all the crazy money-snatching kids back until "his sister got her money first!" Those were skippety days, I'm tellin' you!

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Miss Paula said...

I remember wanting to run at school and the year lady would say WALK so instead we skipped. It wasn't running, wasn't walking, and it got us to our room quicker!