Thursday, September 27, 2007

oh, the colors!

I'm simply beside myself here! I just read in the paper that the fall colors should be at their peak up north this weekend, which just happens to be the time that we will be there! The weather should be fair, in the 60's with a less than 50% chance of rain. Pray for good weather!

My honey and I, and his sister, will be spending a couple of nights "up north," the significance of which only Minnesotans would immediately know. Up north can actually mean anywhere north of where you are, but typically ends up being somewhere in the northern half of the state. This is different from the "North Shore," which indicates along the shore of Lake Superior near Duluth.

Well, we're going for both of those! Up north on the North Shore. The place we're staying is on the lake, actually. It was a spur of the moment thing, and I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to have a scrappin' good time! Scrappin' as in scrapbooking, not fighting, thank you.

I'm bringing my camera, and so is my honey. He has the technical, SLR, F-stop, exposure, meter-y kind of camera, and I, thankfully, just have a nice understandable digital camera. LOL. I'm learning more about cameras as I go, but I like the zoom in, zoom out, point and shoot digital camera. You want close? Zoom in. You want landscape? Zoom out. Keep it simple for me.

So we will have beautiful scenery to take pictures of, space and time to journal and scrap, and we will come back refreshed and ready for another onslaught of life.

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Miss Paula said...

Have fun and have hubby take a photo of you!!!

I am taking my Beth Moore Homework, by embroidery, my journal and my book I am reading. Oh and my bathing suit (there is a pool). It's so funny we think alike!! And we're going North.

Be safe!!