Thursday, September 20, 2007

oh, those rebellious grandmothers

You would think that the law enforcement authorities had absolutely nothing to do in Orem, Utah. (Maybe they don't.) You know how fire departments will burn down a perfectly good house just so they can have practice putting a fire out? I think the police in Orem, UT have the same philosophy.

A 70-year-old woman was handcuffed and taken to jail over NOT WATERING HER LAWN. A CNN story reports that the police arrested Betty Perry after a dispute over not maintaining her landscaping. Apparently she wouldn't give her name to the officer. I guess that was considered resisting arrest. There was a scuffle while the peace officer tried to arrest her, and in the process, she was injured and started bleeding.

Wouldn't the use of the title "peace officer" in this case be an oxymoron? Some kind of a moron, anyway.

Then they just hauled her away to jail in handcuffs! She sat in jail bleeding with an injured nose for over an hour before she was released. Wow, 70 years old? Handcuffs? She must be a regular firecracker or something. Unbelievable.

Everything I've read about Orem says that it is a nice, safe place to live. People leave their doors unlocked there, and crime is low. It sounds like a mix of small town and country. People have horses, and they move here to live because they like it quiet. It's just a nice small town, so they say. I guess the people are only nice until you stop watering your grass. Then, LOOK OUT!

Although the mayor and the city council have apologized, the city attorney is still pursuing the charges. (Maybe the city needs money, as well as something for the police force to do.)

These people need to get a grip. Since when do we knock Great-Granny to the ground, bust up her face, handcuff her and haul her in to jail because her grass is too brown? I think the peace and quiet has gone to their brains. Perhaps they could shoe some horses or something in their downtime instead.


Miss Paula said...

This is terrible. Did the officers even think of getting a group of volunteer's over to her house to help her with her yard? I know in our church we have several men's groups that are in charge of a widow and help around her house. If this is a Mormon community, don't they serve their widows? Or is that not part of their cult/oh I mean religion...? Sorry, I got a little daring. YOu know I am a year older...

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I love your line--oxymoron or some kind of moron.