Thursday, September 6, 2007

update on the Jena 6

The latest in the Jena 6 situation? Jena High School bans 'Free the Jena 6' T-shirts! Students have been forbidden to wear T-shirts like this one (in support of the six students in Jena, LA) because it is too disruptive. Imagine that. Wearing a T-shirt is disruptive? What a concept.

There are also new legal developments in the case. The judge threw out the conspiracy charge and acknowledged that Mychal Bell should have been tried in juvenile court instead of in adult court. However, the battery charges still stand. Sentencing is September 20. This info is from Howard Witt's article in the Chicago Tribune, Part of 'Jena 6' conviction dropped; charges reduced. Click to read more.

It may happen piece by piece, but justice needs to happen in Jena.

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Rosemarie said...

It's great to hear that justice is moving in the right direction.

T-shirts with a message. Hmmm. We've taken it too new heights these days and it's frankly out of control. Many offensive things out there advertised and encouraged. It's too bad we just can't wear the good stuff. That's the dilemma -- discrimination!
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