Sunday, September 9, 2007

whappity whap...upside my head

Seen on another blog...

I think I need to go far away from everyone, because they are getting so good at pushing MY buttons.

I was in such a crabby mood the other day. I tried talking to my honey when he was on the computer, and I said something that would normally trigger another question from him. It was a sure sign that he wasn't even listening to me because he just mmm-hmmmmed me without another word. Grrr! I stormed off into the bedroom and closed the door with just a little more emphasis than usual. Ignored. Of all the nerve. LOL.

Augie Doggie took one look and scooted under the bed so he could nap undisturbed. Sorry, doggie. I coaxed him out and fed him a treat. (It was actually food from his dish, but I called it a treat and he took it anyway.)

Well, I got over that, and it was all water under the bridge until today. Then guess who was on the computer. Yes, yours truly. I was trying to bloghop and watch a movie on the computer at the same time, and I was totally engrossed.

Well, Honey Dearest picked up on the fact that I wasn't listening with complete attention.

The next words out of the kitchen were something like, "I fell off the stool and broke my head." Pause. No reaction. Then, "And Rumpelstiltskin beat me up, then Augie bit him in the butt," or something close to that. Guess who was doing the tuning out now! You know how "mom hearing" works...there's a filter that tunes into broken bones and hurt feelings, but completely tunes out mild bickering and casual conversation. All I remembered was that there was this noise in the kitchen, but it wasn't anything urgent, so I paid no attention whatsoever.

Here, let me wipe that egg off my face now.

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Miss Paula said...

My son had a longshore job last night and that picture fits him today!!

I figure if my dh is watching football and then switches to baseball, back and forth then I am okay sitting here on the computer. We are in the same room!!