Wednesday, September 19, 2007

who called 9-1-1 here?

X-man's mom and dad's evening was interrupted by someone ringing their doorbell. The parents looked at each other and said, "I wonder who's at the door." They weren't expecting anyone, so they weren't sure if they wanted to answer the door.

The bell rang again. Dinga dinga ding ding DING DING!

"Who's at the door? One of the boys?" They still hesitated.

Then there was a loud knocking.

They finally answered the door to find a police officer at the door. "Did someone call 9-1-1?"

The parents looked at each other, looked back at him and shrugged their shoulders. "No we didn't call."

"Are you sure? We received a call from this address. Is this apartment one?"

"Yes, but we didn't call."

"Would anyone else in the apartment have called?"

In unison, they turned to look at X-man, all fourteen months of him, and his little innocent face with the solemn eyes looked back at them. Well, he had been playing with the phone, but 9-1-1? Surely not little X-man.

He's got a ways to go before he passes his uncle up, though. His Uncle Will drove our van through the garage door. When he was twelve. With all the kids in the van. However, they were all buckled in.

Oh, it's on, now! Let the grinding of parental teeth games begin!

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