Saturday, October 27, 2007

adventures in babysitting

It was pure heaven having little X-man keep me company last night. Not a fit nor a tear came from him--he has such a gentle spirit. Okay, Dee-momma, I know he throws fits for you. But just let me live with my lovely illusions.

He just followed me around for most of the evening, and we played peekaboo and "where's the kitty?" He loves to catch Tucker on the floor. He'll pet him first, very softly. He likes to put his little finger right next to Tucker's nose and wait for Tucker to rub his whiskers on it. Then when he's had enough of that, he'll lay himself down on top of Tuckie and rest the side of his face on Tucker's furry belly. X-man will lay there for five or ten minutes, just soaking up Tucker. Tucker will move if X-man starts trying to crawl over the top of him, but most of the time he just lays there and takes it. He doesn't even twitch his tail much.

At about ten o'clock or so, Johnny got him to sleep, and we laid him in the crib. I didn't hear a peep out of him until a little after one. I think that's what time it was. I was too groggy to see the clock clearly. I gave him a bottle and changed his pooey diaper.

He was up once more for something to drink, and then slept till about nine this morning. I woke up when the phone rang about fifteen times in a row, and then he got up shortly after I did. He was pretty cheerful at first, but he did get a little cranky because he was hungry, though. It was so funny.

I love that about this age. Their emotions are so out there. They don't hide things, or keep them to themselves. They're just so real, so innocent. If something tickles their funny bone, they just crack up. They don't worry about trying to be cool. They just bust out with a big belly laugh.

They don't think we're corny when we play silly games with them. They just keep coming back for more. We're allowed to be silly ourselves when there is a baby around, and no one thinks anything of it. Even the boys get a little goofy with him. I love it.

I feel like my heart got filled up with love. What a gift grandbabies are!


daisymarie said...

Asher's fav game is follow the leader and he is always the leader. It was such a hoot when four adults were marching through the house for about 10min after the little prince.

There are no words I know to adequately describe the joy he brings my heart.

d.t.x. said...

I agree completely. There are no words to describe the joy a child brings to your heart.

g_thinker said...

I love when x sees everyone else laughing and he starts to laugh too...its so darn cute.