Thursday, October 11, 2007

another goofy "test"--visual DNA

I did this once before, but I'm going to post it and then go see how different the first one was.

I'm having trouble getting this to look right, but there's more than one way to blog this post. Take a quick click trip here and you'll see the difference, or you can try your own. It's a good Friday project. Try it in the morning before you get completely awake. Hee hee! Who knows what yours could end up like then? Leave me a link if you do it so I can see yours.

Well, dreamer and love bug were the same. The middle two were slightly different. Different day, different mood. It cracks me up with these things. They ask you questions. You tell them. They tell you what you told them, and you are so amazed at how accurate it is! CUP (Cracking up laughing)

No, no! CUL! Dyslexia strikes again!

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