Monday, October 22, 2007

dancing in my dreams

It's a good thing bad thing kind of day. Maybe it's just hormones.

The good thing is that I think my interview went well, for the most part. There were a couple of questions that I just got stumped on. I hate that, because I didn't really know what they were asking for, even after I asked them to clarify their question. But even so, I had a good feeling about it. I'm okay either way, if I get it or if I don't. Another good thing is that I WON A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! I won! I won! I can't say anymore that I never win things.

Oh...I should tell you what I won! I am looking forward to receiving Mosaic, Amy Grant's new book. I won it from Dandelion Momma's blog. You should bookmark her blog...she's always giving things away, cause she's generous like that. Check out this quote she has on her blog: Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevenson - Talk about a good attitude. I guess maybe I need to look on the bright side.

The bad thing is that I missed part of Dancing With the Stars. I had to go get some eggs, and I took too long. When I got back, it had already started. Don't laugh, y'all. There are so few shows that I like to watch that when I find one, I take it seriously. If the kids are making noise, I don't give up. I turn the volume up until THEY give up and leave the room.

Okay, well, tonight--I gave up. I got mad and I gave up. No names, no blame. I just got tired of it. I'll watch it on my lunch hour tomorrow. I don't vote anyway. I just like to watch the dance. So I'm having a pouty pity party by myself. I'll be better tomorrow.


daisymarie said...

Upon your strong endorsement, I watched a little of dancing with the stars. It was nice and if it weren't opposite the football game, I might watch more. I missed the whole Marie Osmond fainting thing---everyone was talking about that at early Curves workout this morning.

Congrats to you!!!

Miss Paula said...

I wasn't watching the Dancing show and I walked into my daughter's room and watched Marie dance, then faint. Wow! That was a shocker!