Wednesday, October 24, 2007

finally it worked

I've been trying to get this award to post...even though it keeps giving me attitude, I think it's going to work this time.

Thanks, Miss Paula, for the lovely award. I appreciate you! This was almost two weeks ago. See how behind I am? Thank you for always coming to visit me and make me laugh! I think we'd have great fun together, making our "me" books. Speaking of which, I wonder if you've done any more pages in there since you shared your first two pages with us about PINK and why you love it.

I took one of those art pads with me when we went out of town for a weekend away, and I just journaled in it about what we did on our trip. I took pictures to match the journaling, and as soon as I get them printed, I'll add them to my book. I used one of my favorite PURPLE pens for the journaling. I think my scrapbooks will probably always be more about the journaling. When I look at a blank page and think about the pictures I want on there, I have a big blank circle in front of my eyes. If I think about what story I want to tell, it falls out of my brain onto the page in a second.

I think I'm going to tear the pages off at the perforations and put them in sleeve protectors, kind of like Barb, over at A Chelsea Morning, did for her book of Good Things. If I had to pick one person who has all the character traits I don't have but wish I did, it would be her. She is a super-sweet, clean-freaky kind of person, AND she comes from Colorado, too! I grew up there. I can claim something in common with her, but it's definitely not the clean-freaky part! LOL.


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Juliana, I will post some pages today!!

daisyaday said...

Hooray! I'll be over to visit!