Tuesday, October 2, 2007

home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Oh, I'm so glad to be home I'm glad I went!

We had a grand time playing tourist. I'm too tired to tangle with posting pictures tonight, but stay tuned, for sure!

I missed writing, but it was so relaxing to just veg out and not worry about a thing except the very next thing on the agenda. Which ended up being almost anything at all.

We had kidney stew, y'all! And not kidney bean, FYI. My mom used to cook beef kidneys for our cats, and I'd always snitch some of them. So to find out that my honey used to eat kidney and hamburger stew over mashed potatoes was marvelous. Comfort food!

And we ate an exquisite breakfast at The Pie Place in Grand Marais. We decided that the next time we go there, every meal that we eat out is going to be at The Pie Place. Their menu is different every week, so it would be like eating at a different restaurant. Except we would know that the cook is an expert. Oh, my tummy is smiling as I think about it. Homemade wild rice oatmeal bread for the toast, homemade maple sausage and smoked Gouda cheese in my omelet, and triple berry pie for dessert. Yes, you can have dessert for breakfast. Except we took it to go. So I can have it for lunch tomorrow at work. A piece of the weekend in the middle of my day.


Miss Paula said...

Oh no!!! I don't know about that kidney pie... My mom used to cut up liver for the cats and that was bad enough... But Kidney Pie?? I think I would stick with the BERRY pie!!

Glad you are home safe and had a wonderful time.

Miss Paula said...

Aren't you re-cooped yet????

Where are you Miss Daisy!

daisyaday said...

LOL. Lov ya, Miss Paula! Last night I went to bed EARLY...about 7 o'clock! I know, I know, that's unheard of for me. And today, I have a meeting and a 15-year-old who missed me.