Thursday, October 4, 2007

how to avoid road rage

Yesterday went by in a blur. I came home from work and just sat, staring into space. I had no more ambition than our lazy cats who were sleeping by the window. I went to bed early and started again today.

On the way to work, though, I noticed myself getting quite irritated with other drivers. I didn't have to drive in traffic for half a week, and already I was noticing the stress of being back in the fray. I think you gradually become desensitized to the stupidity bad driving habits of other people and you simply pay no attention. But this morning? I felt like I was going to come unglued.

One part of my drive is quite slow because the only lane going straight gets backed up at the light where the traffic is heavy. I go straight unless it's backed up to the second stoplight back. Then I get in the right turn lane, and I go around the block to come back to the same street after the light.

Did that make sense? I do a right, left, left, and right, and I'm back on the same street, a block down. Past the light.

Okay. Well sometimes people try a fake. Is that the correct football term? I dunno. Anyway, they get in the right turn lane until the very last minute, and THEN THEY CUT IN. Right in front of someone who has been waiting patiently in the go straight lane.

So here I am, waiting in the go straight lane through four light cycles. I'm almost to the intersection, and as the second car in a row cut in front of me from the right turn only lane, I'm shouting at them.

"What! You think you're special? You think you don't have to wait in line like anyone else?! You think the rules are just for other people and you're the only one that's not stupid enough to wait in the slow lane?" They act completely oblivious, of course.

"You think you can just cruise up here all slick and then sliiiiiiide into the go straight lane?" And as I'm shouting, I realize that I do exactly.the.same.thing, only on a different road.

Oh, that took the wind out of my sails pretty quickly. So when you're completely ticked off at someone else, chances are, you'll find that they are not the only ones, if you just give it a little thought. Why is it so easy to overlook our own foibles, but so easy to point them out in others?

What is that scripture about taking the log out of your own eye before you look for splinters in other people's eyes? Uh huh. Oh, yeah.


Miss Paula said...

We call those drivers "Special People". And if you have a Mercedes Benz you are really special!!!LOL

Sounds like you and I had our little lessons these last couple of days.

daisymarie said...

guilty as charged...but i get iritated when others do it....