Friday, October 26, 2007

how to fix the spacing between lines on your blog post!


I did it! I figured out how to fix something that drove me absolutely batty!

Usually when I insert a picture into my blog post, suddenly the line spacing gets really cramped together. It makes my eyes go buggy to look at it, and I can't imagine anyone being able to look
at it long enough to read it.

Well. If that bothers you, too, here's how you fix it!

(This is only for Blogspot blogs, by the way. I'm a complete neophyte with Wordpress. Sorry.)

Log into your account like you're going to create a new post.

Click on Dashboard, up in the top right corner if you're not already in there.
Under where it says Manage Your Blog, it should show the name of your blog, along with links that say "Posts", "Settings", and "Layout".

Click on "Posts".

You should see a list of all the posts you have created. Find the post that is driving you crazy. There should be two links just to the left of the title of your post, and they should say "Edit" and "View".

Click on the link that says "Edit".

This will get you into the page where you edit your post.

There are two tabs at the top right corner of the box that has the post you typed. One of them says "Edit HTML", and one says "Compose". Click on the Edit HTML tab.

Okay. It's as easy as this.
At the very beginning of your post, type this:

And at the end of your post, type this:

This will make all the lines be spaced with a consistent distance between each of them. Click on Publish Post.

That, my friends, is all there is to it. Well, perhaps this will be a lonely victory, but it made my evening worthwhile! Hooray!

UPDATE: Here is an even better solution. I found a post on another blog that tells you how to fix the HTML in the template, which fixes it permanently instead of on a one-at-a-time basis. Go here to read it!


Miss Paula said...

Okay, blonde chick here!! What???

Example please!!! :-)

daisyaday said...

Well, blonde chickie. I tried to 'splain a little better...tell me what you think. Is it more clear?

That is a nice picture of you, btw.

Miss Paula said...

Like you know, I think I may have like totally gotten it!! For sure!!

You are gracious to help me out!! Thanks Dear Friend!! Paula

I had to e-mail Dawn who created my Blog to figure out how to add things also. It is not that easy anymore, but, I got it!! LOL

Bev (froggieb) said...

Thanks for the tip. I need all the help on posting I can get.

daisy said...

I think your posts are great. I love the froggie on a swing, and the dog on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by!