Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I feel like my mother

I looked at a picture of myself today, and I saw my mother's hairline. I wanted to break out the Photoshop. I'm not ready to look like her yet. Maybe in thirty or forty more years...

Then later, P-girl, who is Baby Del's momma (I just noticed we have a lot of grandsons starting with D. So it's D-boy, who just turned 7, little D, who isn't a year yet, and Baby Del, who is almost 2), anyway P-girl was at our house tonight with Baby Del, and I was telling her that I have an interview soon. She asked me where, and I told her all the details. She listened attentively...

And then, about an hour later, I got all excited about it and TOLD HER AGAIN!

As she was smiling gently and nodding, I realized that I just might have already told her that. When I asked her, she nodded, smiling that way again. Yep. We just had that conversation. Ohhhh, nooooo.

Like my memory wasn't bad enough before. I HATE this!!! I'm going to bed.

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