Sunday, October 14, 2007

a new Karen Kingsbury novel

I have another Karen Kingsbury book out from the library, Just Beyond the Clouds, and I thought maybe I wasn't going to get pulled into this one the way I have her others. (I can feel your shock and dismay, faithful readers!)

It's about a mom who has a son with Down's Syndrome. The language is more simple than most of her books, but I realized it reflects the pace that the mom had to slow down to when she was dealing with her son.

The farther I get into the book, the more complex the plot becomes. I should have know Miss Karen wouldn't let me down. Do you know that in the past, most doctors recommended putting kids with Down's Syndrome into institutions--forever? I know families with these kids, and they have grown up into marvelous people. What a loss for their families it would have been if they would have been "put away." I'm sure that the doctors meant well, but how horrible.

It's interesting, though, because I started it last night, and I don't know if having just read it yesterday made me notice more, but I think I ran into at least three people just today who have kids with disabilities. It made me think about how people treat them and teach them.

Well, it occurred to me that my one friend might be interested in reading this book. She could relate to it. And it would be a way to share faith with her without hitting her over the head with it. Karen has such a nice way of weaving her faith into her stories--it's not in your face or preachy; she just shows it as a natural part of her character's lives. I'm wondering if that is God nudging me...probably, huh? Maybe I'll be purchasing a copy to give away.

Well, I'm going to bed, but to read, not to sleep! At least not yet.

And in anticipation of tomorrow's lineup of evening entertainment, I'll do a couple of spins and twirls reminiscent of Dancing With the Stars as I make my way down the hall to bed.


Miss Paula said...

I am a Karen Kingsbury fan and in our little group at church that passes around books, I received her latest, Summer. I think I am tired of this series as I gave it to the person next in line and put me last on the list. In my opinion she should of stopped this series. But then again, no one asked me!

Joy said...

Well, I'm glad to see these reviews. I have never read a Karen Kingsbury novel until recently and I started with one of her standalone books, Between Sundays. I thought I might be interested in her other books but probably not a series. Check out Between Sundays, hopefully you'll like it more than the series.