Friday, October 5, 2007

the North Shore--outstanding!

I wanted to share some pictures from our little vacation, but didn't want to make my blog take forever to upload. So I'll just put some links in here to the slideshows I made, and you can check them out if you so desire. Be aware that the images are fairly large files, so if you're on dial-up, you might want to find a place with DSL or high speed to check them out.

God's handiwork was so evident when we took the time to look. Just take a peek at the gorgeous scenery. We visited Gooseberry Falls on the way up, and there was a little more walking than we anticipated. My honey didn't remember how far it was...he thought it was like half a block or something. More like half a mile or something. Poor Mugs had a tough time of it.

Lake Superior has so many moods. The first night we were there, it was a little tempestuous. The waves were hissing and spitting in the wind, and there were a couple of times that they would spray about twenty or thirty feet into the air. It was invigorating to sit down by the lake in the dark and see the spray suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Fall colors were everywhere. Some of the leaves had fallen in the rain the day before we arrived, but there were plenty of colorful photo opportunities. I'm such a nature freak. I love taking pictures of intricate, fascinating pieces of nature. I love the details.

The next day it was very calm and overcast. You could see the horizon as just a faint gray line about halfway down the sky. Toward evening it started to clear up a bit. On our final day there, the sky was fairly clear in the morning, and by afternoon, it had started to get cloudy and windy, and the sky started turning a darker gray. We visited Split Rock Lighthouse on the way home, which was verrry cool.

It started raining as we were driving, and on 35W at times, the rain was so heavy that it was hard to see the road. By the time we got home, it had been raining for several hours. We were very glad to get there. The old saying, "There's no place like home," is a cliche for a reason!

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