Thursday, October 18, 2007

pen pals!

I was reading Mandy's blog, Just a Girl, and her post reminded me about pen pals! Did you ever have a pen pal? When I was young, I lived in Colorado, and the friends I wrote to mostly lived in Minnesota or Michigan. Imagine that--I loved to write even then! I wrote to several friends in Minnesota, one in Michigan, one in California, and a couple in Finland.

Writing has always been my favorite way to communicate. There's just something that I love about putting words down on paper. And then people write back, and you get to savor the words they took the time to write to you. I think that's why I like email and blogging so much. It's like writing letters to stay in touch.

But sometimes I wonder if email has ruined the idea of being a penpal. Part of the charm of having a penpal was the anticipation of waiting for a letter after you dropped yours into the mailbox. Now people can get online and snap instant messages back and forth together without a second thought, which is fine, but not nearly the same.

I'm guess I'm just being nostalgic here, but I do know that when I sort through the mail, the first things I open are the handwritten envelopes. Why is that?


daisymarie said...

What a sweet remembery smile this gave me. I had pen pals. I think I started it as a Girl Scout badge requirement. They only lasted a few years...we all moved on.

I've often considered my experience here like that only so much better: the response doesn't take near as long to receive and I type so much better than I write: hand wears out with a pen these days...besides I can catch most of my spelling errors! giggles.....

Miss Paula said...

I had a pen pal in Washington and ended up going there for a week after graduating from High School. I had a pen-friend from Holland, her name was Joke!