Monday, October 15, 2007

salmon gravy, getting old

Since my honey and I are starting to feel like we're getting old, I tried an old recipe tonight...well, actually it was new for me. It was...salmon gravy with peas over mashed potatoes. (dead silence)

Oh, I was waiting for the eeeeewwww! reaction from the kids, but most of them are gone tonight. That's why I picked tonight to make it. Hee hee.

This is Mugs' recipe. I called her to ask her how she makes it, but it was tough going. She is one of those cooks who measures with "somes" and "fews". She told me that you make a white sauce first. I asked her how much white sauce.

"Well you make one recipe of white sauce for each can of salmon you use. You melt some butter and add enough flour to make a thick ...(something or other)." I don't remember the word she used.

"HOW MUCH?" I said.

"I'm getting to that!" She laughed. "Well, I don't measure it, really. Maybe two tablespoons of butter and some flour. Just enough. Actually you make it thicker than usual. Then you just add milk until it's as thick as you want it."

O--kay, Mugs! 'Cause I know just how I want it, this being my first time and all.

"Then you add the salmon, juice and all. Red salmon, not pink. Not ever pink."

Got it. Next?

"Then you dump a can of sweet peas in there--no juice."

Okay, I think I had it. I guessed and by-goshed my way through it, mixed it up and served it over mashed potatoes. It was beautiful. Yumm-o!

The kids got home, and the caterwauling began. "Oh, eeww! What is that smell?!"

"That's your dinner!" They ran for the bedroom. I knew full well they had already eaten.

I sat down to blog while mine cooled, and told the cats to get away from it.

"What did you say?" My honey was trying to hear over the TV from the other room.

"I was talking TO THE CATS!" I shouted back.

He muted the TV. "Well," he said meekly, as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "You don't have to yell."

I'd bang my head on the keyboard but I don't want bruises on my face when I go for my interview.


Miss Paula said...

I think I made a face the whole time I read your post. I think I would be with the kids and run!!!!

daisyaday said...

You are so funny. I think I've been giggling for an hour, thinking of you making faces.

Becky K. said...

Oh...I'm feeling a little like Miss Paula.
I would've run too! You are very brave!
The mashed potatoes sound great!

I love your cat stories...we have two lovely but opinionated kitties.
Becky K.

daisymarie said...

No ew, yuck, from me. I made something like this only I use corn and layer it in a cassarole dish. Back when I was a poor, struggling pastor and the girls were young (and hadn't developed all their finicky tastes) it was quite the favorite dish.

I might just make it and surprise Nelson. Hmmmmmmm

Beck said...

I do love salmon. And I love mashed potatoes. But I don't knooooow about salmon gravy and mashed potatoes together. I just don't!

GAR said...

We actually HADN'T eaten...we just had cake and it was even MORE gross to see what you had....makes the stomach turn a little more when its empty...blech...

daisyaday said...

Oh, dear. I wouldn't have teased you if I knew you hadn't eaten. LALOL (laughing and laughing out loud)

I'm very sorry, my dear! I suppose the laughing kind of takes the sincerity out of my apology, yes?

I'll make it up to you. I'll make you some delicious rice pudding tonight. :) Do I get any brownie points for that??

GAR said...

Laughing and laughing out loud??? That has got to be the weirdest one yet...and yes you did win some points with the rice pudding....AND THE GOOLASH...i love those know what you SHOULD make?? Stuffed shells...and pepperoni hotdish...yum.

daisyaday said...

Mmm...the next one I'm going to try is salmon loaf with cream of mushroom soup over it--and it will have to have boiled eggs and big mushrooms cut up in the soup. I can hardly wait. :D