Friday, October 19, 2007

sneaking spinach and carrots into brownies?

Sneaking spinach and carrots into dessert?? That is totally unfair, and I LOVE it!

For parents who worry about their kids not getting enough vegetables, this is the perfect cookbook! Want them to get their quota of carrots? Make the meatloaf recipe. You can sneak spinach and carrots into the brownies you give them for dessert, spinach into the oatmeal blueberry bars, and sweet potatoes into their pancakes.

You steam and puree or finely chop the vegies (a food processor works wonders) and just fold them into the recipe as you make it. That's it! No noses turned up, no more listening to the "eeeeeww" noises the kids make when you're cooking vegetables for dinner.

Just serve, and smile!

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That so reminds me of what I sometimes did with the kids' milk. I really shouldn't tell, because sometimes they read this, but they probably already know. We would occasionally have some lactose free milk here, and they wouldn't TOUCH it. So when our gallon jug of good old regular milk got about halfway empty, I'd just add a wee little bit of the lactose free milk to the jug. I kind of blew it when I poured in an entire half gallon when the regular milk was almost gone. It was pretty obvious, then. There is a slightly different sweet taste if you drink it by itself. They were on to me, even though I wouldn't admit it. Until I messed up, though, they NEVER KNEW.

Shhhh----don't tell the kids. Brownies, anyone?

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Miss Paula said...

No sneaking Salmon Gravy!!! Please!!