Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tickled, but not tickled pink

I was driving E-girl to her friend's house so they could ride to youth group together when for some unknown reason she tickled me, and I swerved. "Hey!" I yelped.

"What?" she says innocently.

"You tickled me! You should never tickle the driver."

"I tickled you?" she says, "Are you tickled pink?"

The only one who would be tickled pink, I told her, would be Miss Paula, because she got a pink laptop for her birthday.

"Who's Miss Paula?" she asked. When I explained that she is my blog friend, E-girl was pretty skeptical.

"You don't even know this lady and you know what she got for her birthday?"

"I do too know her. She's my bloggy neighbor, and we're sistas! Sistas in Christ."

"Is she the one you met at the coffee shop?"

"No," I explained. "That was a different bloggy friend. But I would meet Miss Paula if she lived close enough. Maybe if I go to Las Vegas, I'll meet her at the Deeper Still conference."

She was impressed--I know it. Her exaggerated eyeroll said it all as she got out of the car.


Miss Paula said...

It is amazing that people can become aquainted this way. When you are followers of Christ you have a bond that no one else has. Have her look on Beth Moore's blog to see how she loves her sisters!! Your words were a blessings to me today as I have been grieving over the situation that you know about!Thanks dear friend!

daisymarie said...

This just left me with a case of the giggles!