Tuesday, November 20, 2007

and then there were three

It was a tough call, but I was guessing Jennie was going home. I don't know if it had anything to do with anything, but I really didn't like the song they used with their first dance. It didn't seem to fit. And she did do much better with her dancing, so maybe it was the song that did her in.

If I had to pick the order right now, I'd say Mel was going to win, and then it's a toss up after that. Marie's fans must be voting like crazy! I'd like to say Helio would be next in line, but if Marie keeps getting votes like that, she could be second instead. She's doing very well for an old broad. Hey! I can say that 'cause I'm an old broad myself. And I know I would be lying dead under a table somewhere if I had to do what she's been doing. They could just sweep me out with the popcorn.

And how fun to see Sabrina and Mark again. I fully expected one of the judges to make a comment about lifts, just for fun, because they had so many, but if they did, I missed it. Did you see that lift they did where Mark was spinning her around holding her back, and she just had her hands on his hips? I expected her to launch and be airborne at any second. Next week, did I hear that anything goes? Lifts and all?

How about Michael Flatley? I was entranced. I sat through the entire number, barely breathing, with a huge smile on my face. WOW!! I want to learn just a little bit of tap. Just a hair. Enough so that I can tap out a rhythm when I'm feeling zippety! Zippety, dippety, doo dah dah!

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