Sunday, November 25, 2007

a day spent in neutral

I had a lovely morning sleeping in. No one needed me for anything, and although I woke up a couple times, I went right back to bed. What a luxury! It's a good thing no emergencies happened today. I didn't need to be Johnny-on-the-spot for anyone. I can remember not too many years back when the kids were smaller, when this would not have happened. Moms are really never off-duty. But the kids are more independent now, and so I slept. I was still tired when I got up. I had to drag myself out of bed, kicking and fussing. I still feel like I'll never get enough sleep.

When we went to let the dogs out for our niece, I slept on the way there. When we drove to the butcher shop to buy meat for the next two weeks, I dozed off on the way there. And when we got back home, I wanted to go back to bed again, except there was this huge mess in the kitchen staring me in the face.

The kitchen was pretty intimidating. It was full of Thanksgiving mess, which I have to admit was from me, when I took on cooking too many things for dinner Thursday. I left a huge trail of dishes and drips behind. My honey told me to go ahead and take a nap, and he would make dinner and get started on the dishes. I told him I'd do some when I woke up. I felt guilty taking him up on it, but I went to bed anyway.

Much to my amazement, when I got up, the kitchen was spotless. My honey, bless him, had cleaned up the ENTIRE kitchen. I'll take a gift like that over a dozen roses any day at all! AND he cooked dinner? He deserves a shining medal of valor and bravery. I'm going to clean up the supper dishes and go back to bed.


Miss Paula said...

Aren't the men in our lives pretty special?? I think so!! My dear husband made all of the Thanksgiving dinner. I set the table!! He loves to cook!! My youngest (16) helped this year and her pies were very good!!

daisyaday said...

We're both pretty fortunate, then. Yes! It was easy to count my blessings yesterday, even though I was crabby and feeling yucky. I was so happy when I saw my clean kitchen, I cried. Just call me sappy.

Alicia said...

Sounds like a nice and relaxing day!!! We need those sometimes!! Thanks for welcoming me to the blog world!!