Sunday, November 4, 2007

the end of a long dry run

I heard from the guys tonight, and they got three deer today. Bambi's lucky streak ran out this time. They're still hunting tomorrow, so they may get even more. Well, the meat will be nice to have. I do like venison the way that my honey trims it out. We'll probably get some venison sausage made from most of it, and cut up the loins into steaks.

I was happy for them, but sad for the deer. You know, the guys have just as much male bonding time even if they don't get deer. Good times, less work, don't have to mess with cutting and cleaning, and Bambi gets a reprieve. What a concept! But somehow, I just don't think I could talk them into it. Not this year, I guess.

Hey! What do you think the chances are for passing a federal law against hunting? Let the critters be! Live and let live! Preserve life! They passed Prohibition back in the last century, didn't they? With a federal amendment, to boot. It could happen. Not. Not in my lifetime.

Oh, I think I might be in the doghouse with this one. Forget the doghouse...I'll be in the rabbit house--the brush pile!

I don't really have a lot else to say about that.

Guys - 3
Bambi - 0

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