Friday, November 2, 2007

getting ready to party!

I was informed in a crusty voice by Dee girl that I've been slacking on my blog. I missed two days! Well, I've been trying to write every day, so I guess that is kind of slacking.

My internet service has been down at home, so it makes it a little tough to read blogs, write blog posts, or even ENTER FALL Y'ALL GIVEAWAYS!!! I feel like I'm in the dark here! (Scent of a Woman--love that line. Love that movie.)

Well, I'm a merry hunting widow today. Actually, as I told my small group buddies last night, I'm too cheerful to be a widow. I wonder what else I could call it. Anyway, it's a girl party at my house this weekend. The guys are ALL gone hunting, trying to hunt down Bambi. All that bright orange, and male bonding stuff, and macho up the wazoo--they can have it all! Actually, if they come home with nothing, I'll be celebrating another successful season--FOR THE DEER! Go, Bambi!

I'm going to clean, scrapbook, cook fancy girlie food, and watch Friends! Maybe I'll even rearrange the house. If you can't have a new one, rearrange the old one and it'll feel new. Oh, I can hardly wait to get started!

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Miss Paula said...

For a couple of days I didn't look below the give-a-way. Then I saw that your posted. But yes, I noticed you were slacking this week and I missed your posts!! Have some fun girlie time!! We might go to the movies! Not sure yet!

I didn't sign up for your give-a-way because not too long ago I gave away all my oodles of stamps! So someone can have my spot!!